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Health and optimal wellness occupy a huge part of our energy in the frenetic pace of the modern world.

The increased stress, decreased food quality and lack of time for exercise, coupled with long hours in front of computers and television mean that our health  suffers, and we need to be vigilant and pro-active to get, and stay, healthy.

In addition,healthy food, supplements and medicines are expensive. Our commitment at CZAVite is to give you the best information, advice and healthier products.

The BEST bit however, is the prices. Our prices mean you can get all the time, without breaking the bank. Our service also means that you get these products quickly and safely, wherever you are. health Twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry means that our team is qualified to handle your queries. And if we are not equipped to handle your health query, we will find someone who is.The stringent safety standards of the South African Medicines Control Authority (MCC) are strictly adhered to. All our products are registered and regulated with the MCC.

To provide health care information, advice and products to anyone, anywhere in the world in the safest, best value-for-money and quickest way through service excellence an uncompromising professionalism.  


To be a one-stop online health   care product sourcing solution for anyone, anywhere in the world.

We promise health care products, information and advice that is:

•    Professional
•    Prompt
•    Reliable
•    Safe
•    Caring



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