Have you ever experienced a cold or the flu shortly after returning from a vacation or business trip? This is a very common occurrence. Why do you get sick after traveling? It could be that you picked up a "bug" from the people you visited, or maybe you got sick from the poor quality of the air circulating in the plane. Moreover, a change in your eating, exercise, and sleep routine may have lowered your resistance to illness.

You increase your exposure to germs when you go on a trip. Consider the air that you breathe when you are confined withother sneezing and coughing travellers. Also, you're more likely to visit public bathrooms when traveling which can expose you to a host of bacteria and viruses. Think of all those people with whom you shake hands or hug.

It's important to keep healthy habits intact, and to exercise added precautions when going on vacation or a business trip.

How to protect yourself from "bugs" when traveling.
Be sure to wash your hands frequently, and to avoid putting them in or near your mouth, nose, and eyes.
Bring your vitamins with you on your trip and take them daily. Increasing your normal intake of vitamin C will be a good idea.
Maintain your diet and exercise routine. Don't eat too much fast food. Consider what you will eat and how you will exercise,
before leaving.
Air travellers may be especially vulnerable to germs, due to the close quarters and recycled air. Wearing a mask may make you feel somewhat uncomfortable; however, it's a good idea if your immune system has been recently weakened by an illness.
Drink plenty of water before and during your flight. The air in the plane can be very dry, and it's easy to become dehydrated. If you must consume alcohol, be sure to drink extra water. The side-effects from alcohol are intensified at 30,000 feet, so headaches, bloating, and other maladies are not uncommon.
If you're traveling outside of the country, drink bottled water only - avoid ice. Don't forget to have extra bottled water on hand to use when brushing your teeth. Eat foods that have been well-cooked, and avoid street vendors if possible.
Though the food may look good, the sanitary conditions may be less than desirable.
The next time you take a trip, take along this healthy advice so that all you bring back are happy memories.

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