Educated medical professionals might respond negatively to patients who seek information about the safety of herbs or non-traditional treatments. Their often hasty responses many times have nothing to do with the safety or the validity of the alternative treatment, but with fear or lack of understanding. Historically, physicians have deeply resented any intrusion into the field of medicine. With callousness, village healers were persecuted and pushed away from treating others in favour of men, educated and strictly licensed, to diagnosis and treat ailments. While there are now many female physicians, there exists yet a great suspicion among some doctors that supporting the methods of those outside of the acknowledged medical field might somehow detract from their own status as professionals and, perhaps, make it more difficult for them to adequately treat patients. Additionally, traditional practitioners are often reluctant to support holistic medicine citing the fact that there are very few scientific studies upon which they could justify backing a treatment outside their current scope of understanding. There is a great deal of truth in that argument; there have not been a lot of reputable studies. For the safety of their patients, doctors have a responsibility to point out this fact. in addition, just as there are some medicines that ought not be taken together, so too are there holistic treatments that can interfere with each other or conventional treatments to produce devastating results. Herbalists have been around for as long as physicians, yoga has been with us throughout the ages, as have many other simple approaches to good health.

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