Now that winter has past and spring has blossomed we are gratefully shedding the coats jacket and jerseys, one thing that many of us are also desperate to shed is the excess winter weight that as crept up on us. This inevitability means that we making trips to the gym with regularity and of course the spring diet is out in full force. But what do you do when you are just craving a mid meal time snack.... This surely will counter act all your other hard work? Not necessarily – dieticians and other health guru’s have been consistently say it is of greater benefit to weight-loss  to have 6 small meals through the day rather than 3 big ones ( or 2 – for those people that forget the importance of breakfast).

This does not mean however that we run out to the nearest bakery or fast food store everytime a hunger pang strikes. Of course we all know which foods are better for you to snack on but it isn’t always easy making the “right” choice. Knowing what to eat does not always mean we are able to follow through on it, due to various reasons it is sometime easier to just grab what is on hand even if it isn’t the healthiest option.


  • So the first tip I have for you is to plan ahead, so that you have healthy options on hand when you feel the urge to snack on something.

  • Stocking your fridge with healthy foods will help you get to or stay at a healthy weight. Pigging out on healthy foods feels a lot better than pigging out on cake or another food that is supposed to be eaten in moderation

  • Remember to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and colour is king – ensure you have as many different coloured fruits or vegetables in your plate.

  • Choose whole grain lentils, brown rice and seed loaves over refined white bread and rice.

  • Drink plenty of water rather than carbonated high sugar drinks.

  • Pack and prepare your own lunches and snacks rather than buying (this is very cost effective as well)

  • Control your portions and DONT skip meals.


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